VENUS – Beautiful Hell


it’s a bird ? – it’s a plane ? – NOPE…

It’s VENUS the 2nd planet ! Our “twin” world shining at her brightest tonight ! Let me show you ……
Venus is named after the goddess of LOVE and BEAUTY – BUT that description could not be farther from the truth because VENUS truly is like HELL.

This world is covered with clouds – ALL COVERED with clouds – a runaway greenhouse gone terribly, terribly wrong. The temperature can reach 1000 degrees with atmospheric pressures that will crush cars and anything that even reaches the surface. We can’t see the surface due to the super thick poisonous clouds enshrouding the ENTIRE PLANET ! AND since it’s much closer to the SUN – it’s a lot hotter – the clouds trap almost ALL of the sun’s heat energy producing a scathing boiling HELL – trust me, you don’t want to vacation here.

WEBvic15_June06evVenus rotates OPPOSITE the Earth rotation – so the sun rises in the WEST and sets EAST –  WOW ! Tonight June 6th to June 7th ,VENUS will be super bright and through a telescope you will see HALF the planet lit up! All that brilliant glow is only from one half the reflection off the clouds from sunlight !  A day on Venus is 116 earth days long – and it’s year is 225 days – so I am now 48 on Earth but if I lived on VENUS I’d be 78 !!!

I’d sure be older and wiser  – If I could only stand the heat !!!




old computerThe  INTERNET as we know it is about to change. Our government has issued a 332 page regulation that went into effect FEB 2015. Behind all the fog, smoke and mirrors , in short – it’s a fee hike to collect billions of taxes and regulate what goes on online – this affects EVERYONE. Since Facebook is the leader of the pack along with Twitter as social media as one of the most common ways we all communicate, I am going to cut the cord.

I do not want government to intervene with my personal freedoms. But they feel they need to control all of us. I will be abandoning FACEBOOK and other social media outlets I subscribe to. I have nothing to hide. I am not a criminal. I am simply disgusted with our government getting involved in something so gigantically huge that will eventually disintegrate the entire internet experience we’ve had since the late 1960s (  AARPNET to current day )

It’s been really fun sharing all the astronomy facts and music trivia plus sharing movies and YouTube nostalgia. But this is fucking ridiculous. We are losing our grip on all the freedoms our forefathers created and our parents sacrifices for. I’m canceling my cable service and prob going to eventfully dump the cell phone – too bad.

Once things go this far – it only gets worse and that observation is based on historical fact. So, to all my 600 plus friends –

KEEP LOOKING UP !! I will keep email as long as I see it’s not under scrutiny also. With rising costs of online fees ( taxes) I may decide to go back to hand writing letters again!



Throughout history a select few of intelligent creative people percieved a future where people live in harmony – resolving global issues of poverty and despotism, abundance of greed and corrupt power not judging people on color, religion, sex, age, aptitude or background. A person is to be rewarded based on their own merits and abilities while striving to become a better person, working hard to contribute to society.

Not a bleak dystopian vision of communism, socialism, monarchy or repressed military ideology where people are raped, killed, abused and slaughtered based on individual nonconformity.

A vision of something far greater. Something wonderful.

Every century in history has (a) person or persons that reaches beyond the standard, thinks outside the box – in fact there is no box. In this commentary I refer to Gene Roddenberry. Not a politician. Not a savior. Not a powerful dictator or military leader. He was an artist. A writer. A man with true insight and vision. Google him. He was a very sweet, kind generous man.

Original Crew 1966

Original Enterprise NCC-1701 Original Enterprise NCC-1701

Have you heard of him? You should by now because his creation – STAR TREK has been with the world, in every language, in every country, since SEPT 1966.  I typically hear ” oh Lar, your such a nerd” – GOOD I’m in great company.. DaVinci, Edison, Marconi, Cousteau, Armstrong to name a few were “nerds” that made a huge difference to the world. I will make my contribution to the world as well … I just need time

Original Crew 1980's

Original Crew 1980’s

1979 Crew

Original Crew 1979

Ignorant people hunt witches. Minds that are closed to unlimited possibilities persecute open minds of knowledge and science. True genius is laughed at simply because the majority can’t understand their thinking.

Refit Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Refit Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Galaxy Class Enterprise NCC-1701~D

Galaxy Class Enterprise NCC-1701~D

I’m watching the world every day. I speak to people from the depression era. The veterans from WWII. The vets from the 1960’s and 70’s. I talk to them whenever I can. I respect those who serve. So many people have sacrificed in every facet of life, industry, profession, vocation to make this country the best ever the world has known. And I see it , every day, on tv, on radio… It’s slipping away folks.

We are slowly losing something to ignorance and greed, politics and the machine of war. Arrogant zealots that want you and your children DEAD because you are not one of them. This is not the vision of the future I want to live in. When I was a kid I dreamed about the year 2000 and what magic it would hold. We were robbed of that dream on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Our nation is dying.

Voyager Crew

Voyager Crew

Next Generation Crew

Next Generation Crew

Why? What causes it? I’m not going to answer – you think about it, logically, deeply- intelligently.

Facebook, like the rest of the internet is reverting to a common denominator. Our society has become disassociated from reality. The more we are connected the more we become disconnected. Where do we go from here folks? 15 billion years of cosmic evolution and children are being trained to kill. Twistwd uneducated hoards of people are terrorizing the world.


It’s not that a tv show will save us. It’s the underlying PHILOSOPHY of a foundation vision that Gene gave us. It’s about HUMANITY and the ability to survive from our own destruction – TO RISE ABOVE THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.

People are sick, twisted and self centered. This MUST change or we are all doomed to relive the dark ages.

Pease understand me, I am not preaching religion. I do not conforming to politics. I am speaking of a higher level of thinking – of being. To evolve past the barbarian in our brain. Peace for all – no matter what color, religion, race, size, shape, age, history, language – we can work it out. I truly believe that.

Star Trek has taught me this philosophy for almost 50 years now. I’d say that’s damn impressive and worth while learning about. If you don’t believe me, then watch Star Trek – all of Trek and let me know what you’ve learned from it.

-Live long and prosper.

Should Humanity Colonize Ocean or Space ?

Lunar Base 03

Interesting concepts for discussion – do we humans invest in colonizing the oceans and learning about the oceans/seas and all it’s diverse life, exploiting it’s resources while expanding our knowledge of our Planet – or do we establish bases on the Moon and Mars and other moons of the planets doing similar research expanding humanity outward into the Solar System?

Which seems practical? Which seems profitable? ( not monetary more scientific ) Which seems more realistic? etc? – I think about these things all the time….

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages and are equally challenging plus extremely costly. I am curious about both sides of this fascinating conversation…

What are your thoughts ……. ??



Dad always spun Johnny Cash records and mom sang with Perry Como, Paul Anka, Chet Akins, Roy Clark and so many more talented artists. From Elvis to Old Blue Eye’s we have them on 45, 33 and 78. I laughed along with Alan Sherman, Bill Cosby and The Smothers Brothers.

I never really had the ear for music until one day I watched A HARD DAYS NIGHT, it was on TV late night PBS. I was hooked. Dad told me – ” Lar, the Beatles are the best – not only can they sing, and perform as a group – but they are each excellent writers – and each one alone is a super talent unto them self.”

I didn’t quite know what Dad meant then – but I learned over time the impact of these guys… I think they are from another world really- because this was a once in a lifetime synergy. Now I know why Dad brought his 1965 Epiphone Granda Guitar – it was almost just like John’s Epiphone Casino- and I still have it. He loved them too.Image

Did they do drugs? did they party? – of course. What artist doesn’t – who cares – look at the music they left the world with and the legacy and fond memories. They re-invented themselves as the times changed. And each incarnation got better and more sophisticated as technology in music changed- they made the rules and broke them !
Truly in my heart I believe the world needs their music more than ever – I wish the leaders of the world would listen to the messages in many of the songs- LOVE PEACE KINDNESS UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER – and 100% rock-n-superchaged FUN. We may learn something very profound about humanity from their poetry.
I know of many artists that inspired them- the Great Roy Orbison, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Big Bopper, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry- all had a huge influence on them – but once they arrived BAM!! It was BEATLEMANIA for many.

Dad was right – I wish he was here now at the 50th anniversary to see how important they are to our world still. But I know he’s up there listening with George and John – YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!



Like them or not – BEATLES FOREVER !


Questions, questions, questions …
Human beings don’t accept things as they find them. They ask questions, and they search for answers. What am I? Where am I? What is my past? What is my future? From earliest childhood, people want to know things. Why is the sky blue? What makes the Sun shine? What is the Moon made of? What are the stars?

Curiosity drives us to explore our surroundings. We want to see the unseen and to learn what lies over the next hill. People have always been bothered by blank areas on the map or in the mind, and they have studied and worked and striven and sometimes died to fill them in. Over the centuries, the urge to explore has taken human beings into unknown and unreachable places: to the New World, the South Pole, Mount Everest, and the Moon. The same urge has carried the human mind outward into the realm of the galaxies and into the microscopic domain of subatomic particles.

These explorations have always been profitable. They have produced tangible riches: gold, new lands, beneficial trade, and profitable technological advances. More important is the knowledge gleaned: a better understanding of our world, its mechanisms and processes, and the basic natural laws that govern them. It is knowledge, much more than riches, that makes modern civilization possible.

When we think of exploration, we think of individuals: Marco Polo, Columbus, Lewis and Clark, Lindbergh, Neil Armstrong. But great explorations have also been an important part of the character of nations. To search for something new is an expression of a nation’s confidence and enthusiasm, of its ability to organize and its willingness to innovate. It is no coincidence that the New World was discovered at the height of the Renaissance, nor that the colonization of North America accompanied the rise of Elizabethan England. In our own time, the Apollo Program manned landings and exploration of the Moon were the American response to the challenge of competition in the new ocean of space.

The exploration of space may be only the latest episode in the long human history of wondering and seeking, but the sudden explosions of travel, new sights, and scientific discovery exceed anything that preceded them. New worlds have been discovered, not one by one, but by the dozen. Human beings have explored and sampled the Moon. Robot laboratories have dug into and analyzed the surface of Mars. The video eyes of our spacecraft are providing close-up views of planets never seen by the ancients, and more than a dozen moons have emerged in our consciousness from tiny points of light to unique, mysterious, and changing worlds.

Great as these steps have been, they have occurred in a remarkably short time. Only a single generation separates the flight of Sputnik I from the first spacecraft pictures of Saturn’s moons; the first geologist to explore the Antarctic is still around to talk with the first geologist to go to the Moon! Thanks to modern communications, all of us have shared in these voyages to an extent never possible before. Less than 100 people witnessed Columbus’ landfall in the New World; half a billion watched on television as Armstrong and Aldrin stepped onto the Moon.

We have flown into space, but from this high vantage point we still feel as curious as an earthbound child. How did the universe form? How will it end? How was the solar system created? What are the other planets really like? What lies in deep space beyond the Sun? How did life originate? Is there other life out there? In the last generation, we have come a long way toward the answers. But we still have farther to reach, more questions to ask, and much more to learn. Like earlier explorers, we have painfully struggled to a high plateau from which we see new mountains and valleys beyond. The answers to our questions, the benefits from the new knowledge, still lie ahead out of sight, but no longer out of reach.

Outward bound to the stars.

In this artist view of Pioneer 10, launched from Earth in 1972, the spacecraft makes a close passage of the Moon as it follows a path toward the giant planet Jupiter. The blue, cloud-covered Earth is in the background. This view shows the Moon’s heavily cratered far side, highlighted by the dark crater Tsiolkovsky. Pioneer 10 will never return. After its encounter with Jupiter in 1973, Pioneer 10 was moving fast enough to escape from the solar system entirely. It is the first human artifact sent out to roam among the stars, a calling card announcing our existence to any other intelligences in the universe.



So Beautiful So unique - So vastly taken for granted  - we need to protect her

So Beautiful So unique – So vastly taken for granted – we need to protect her


Today is EARTH DAY 2013 – a day I learned about in 1989 and celebrate since then – I love the Earth the Sky and all that nature has created. Earth Day is a way for me to connect myself even more to the endless universe.

I might be alone during my lifetime here, but my family is the EARTH, MOON and STARS located in a backwater arm of the MILKY WAY GALAXY where the grander of the COSMOS and UNTOLD BILLIONS of possibilities exist.